Text Alerts When Guests Arrive

When expected guests are on your list, the guards will let them through the gate without calling you as they do for unexpected guests. But, you can still be alerted to these arriving guests via text messaging.
To do this you need the MyEnvera iOS or Android app loaded onto your phone or tablet. With this app loaded, you can update your guest list (permanent and temporary) at any time, view a history of all your guests, and set up to receive text alerts when a visitor arrives or changes are made to your guest list.
To set up notifications, select the “My Profile” option on the app, then select “Notification Settings”. You can then modify the settings for Visitor notifications and Account notifications. You can send text notifications to one or more phones and to email addresses. You must also update the “Text Phone List” to ensure those phones that are to receive text messages have a green checkmark next to them. Remember to save your changes once they are made.